Pre acceptance alhamidia

How to get a pre-acceptance letter from a professor to apply for China government scholarship:

Getting a pre-acceptance letter sometimes becomes a hard process but this is the most important step toward getting the China government scholarship and other scholarships that require the pre-acceptance letter, the pre-acceptance is the pre-acceptance letter which states that you are being accepted by the professor in the research area, if you are applying for bachelor’s degree then you don’t need the pre-acceptance letter but for the masters and Ph.D. degree this is required, on the CSC portal you may see this as an optional document but according to my experience the pre-acceptance can increase your chances of getting scholarship upto 50 percents, so before apply on the portal of CSC you need to get the pre-acceptance.

How to get a professor in the specific research area:

 first when you decide to apply for your master’s degree also you need to decide your research area, then decide the university where you want to apply to and check whether you can you get the professor there who is working on your research area.  if so, you will get the professor’s contact details here on the website simply you can email him or her but remember to write an email well explained and to-the-point email with your transcript and CV attracted, once the specific professor sees your background then he or she will decide to give you the pre-acceptance or not.

  1. Find a university that offers your major
  2. Find a professor in that university who works in your research area
  3. Write well explained to the point email
  4. Attach your CV and transcript to the email

contact timing to get the pre-acceptance letter:

contact timing is really important because no one sees emails all the time and the professors especially get many emails every day so they ignore most of the emails,  remember to not contact them on the weekends especially because the email you get on the website are the emails of office they check those mails only at the office, so I think you also got the point to email at the office hours, also check the difference between your country time and the China time, you need to think according to the China time, the best time to an email I would suggest between 8 am to 10 am, if the time difference is not manageable then also you can schedule you to email to a specific time in this case from 8:00 am to the 9:00 am.

  1. Don’t email at the weekend
  2. Email at office hours
  3. The best time to email is 8:00 am to 10:00 am
  4. Schedule your email if need to

Template of pre-acceptance:

Once you email the professor and if the professor likes to give you chance to work on his or her research area then they may send you the pre-acceptance or will let you know that I will send you the pre-acceptance but some professors ask for the template to send them in that case you need to go back to the university website and find out the pre-build template of a pre-acceptance letter and download that and fill the required fields and then send back to the professor, once you send back the professor will sign that and will stamp that for you if you can find the pre-acceptance on the university website you can click here to get a template simple.

Is picking one professor enough:

Well in some cases picking one professor will be enough, but most of the time just sending an email to one professor in not enough, you may get discouraged to see most of the professors will not respond to your email, so you will need to find many professors from different universities but also remember to pick university which is affiliated with CSC, you can research about the professors in different universities and make a list with yourself in a word file, once you have of those emails then you can contact each one by one.

  1. Find professors in different universities
  2. Make a list of professors’ contact
  3. Email them one by one.


Pre-acceptance is important for students who want to apply for a master’s or Ph.D. degree on the portal of CSC its an optional document but this increase the chance to get a scholarship by up to 50%, and to get it you simply need to figure out your interesting research area and according to that you need to find the professors in different university and make a list of their contacts once you have the contact list then email each one with well-explained email and attach your transcript and CV, remember to email at the office time according to the china time, or you can schedule the email, once the professor answers your email then he/she maybe will send you the pre-acceptance directly or ask you to wait, or maybe you will need to send them the template which you can find on the specific university website, if you can find then you will need to make your own, and you can take a look at our template.