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What is CSC Scholarship-

The People’s Republic of China established the Chinese Government Scholarship, or CSC, to increase the appeal of studying in China and to strengthen technical and human resource exchange with the outside world. International students who want to study in China are now able to apply for CSC scholarships. The scholarship/grant includes doctoral (Ph.D.) degree and master’s degree courses in many fields offered at leading universities in China that are taught in both English and Chinese. It also covers bachelor’s degree programs in China. Every year, most Chinese universities provide these scholarships to enhance student’s skills and knowledge for a better future. The Chinese Scholarship Council offers CSC Scholarships to foreign students enrolling at CSC-affiliated Chinese universities. Every year, the CSC Scholarships online application system or admissions process begins in December and lasts until April (generally). However, for China Scholarships, there is a different deadline for applying to a different university. Every year, more than 250 Chinese institutions give scholarships to students from other countries.

The Process of applying for a CSC scholarship:

The very first step before looking for the CSC portal you have to make sure to get the pre-acceptance letter from a university professor. If you do not know the pre-acceptance letter click here for details. The next step to apply online using program type B: Agency number would be different for different universities and you have to check it out before writing it at the CSC web portal. Here we are going to add a CSC website link where you can easily get access to this platform, or After filling in your basic information of yourself simply download the fully-filled application form from the Chinese Scholarship Council website, print it out, and keep a signed copy for your records.

Step 1: Enter personal information. Complete entering personal information by clicking “Edit Personal Details,” filling out all the information, checking it, and saving it. After finishing this step, click “Finish” to go back to the previous page and begin entering the details for your application.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate “Program Category”

Category Type A: In this category, the authorities would be responsible and not the universities to process your admission application. Type A program would be asked for the relevant agency number and that could be the Chinese embassy in your country. Application of type A would be checked by this agency.

Category Type B: In this category refers to scholarship programs by Chinese Universities. Type B students need to add the university agency number to which he/she applying. After finishing the application form Type B application would be reviewed by the applied university.

Category Type C: It is a bit complicated regarding its process. However, Type C applicants would be notified by CSC with a special Agency number.

Before selecting any category it is very important to consider these categories on a priority basis.

What Benefits students can take from the CSC scholarship?

After getting accepted on the CSC scholarship there are lots of benefits that we discuss briefly,

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  1. Living allowance:
  2. Undergraduate students CNY 2,500 RMB per month
  3. Master Students CNY 3,000 per month
  4. Doctoral students CNY 3,500 per month

The host university pays students a living allowance every single month.

  1. Tuition waiver: That means you will not have to pay any tuition fee during your study duration on a CSC scholarship.
  2. Insurance: This will be covered by CSC as well to facilitate the student if He/She has to face any medical-related problem.

Accommodation: Students who got selected for the CSC scholarship do get payment for living outside the campus. For undergraduate and Master students, the amount is 700 RMB per month and for Doctoral students or senior scholars, the accommodation would be 1000 RMB per month. Some universities prefer that students stay inside campus dormitories for the best study Environment. In that case, the university provides students with well-furnished single or two sharing (Double Bed) rooms.