Provincial scholarship by alhamidia

China Provincial Scholarship – One of the best scholarships in China for International students

In recent years China has become a leading country that provides international students with opportunities to come to China and start studying for different scholarships. A Chinese provincial scholarship is one of the best scholarships students can get. It gives international students the opportunity to continue studying without any financial pressure. The Chinese local government scholarship program calls for applications from all international students who want to follow their study program and apply to undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies, and Chinese language programs at different Chinese universities for the upcoming academic year. This fully funded scholarship covers your living expenses, medical insurance, and accommodation. ¬†All universities do not have scholarships for all kinds of courses in their provincial governments. Therefore, you should be careful while applying. ¬†Students who want to apply for a local government scholarship can read a lot of articles regarding this scholarship, but they might not be able to get the basic information that relates to their program. In that case, students can go to the Chinese university website, find the university email, and send an email to International College to learn about the program and whether it is covered by a provincial government scholarship or not.

Advantages of Chinese Provincial Government scholarship:

There are many programs for International students with Chinese Government scholarships. Usually, the application date starts from December to May depending on University policy. Students receiving this scholarship could get 30,000 RMB to 40,000 RMB each year. Chinese provinces and local authorities offer quotas. That quota entices international students to continue studying at their university in interesting majors.

Eligibility requirements:

  • The student must not be a Chinese citizen and be in good health.
  • Applicant should have a good moral character and exemplary academic achievements.
  • Students currently receiving another scholarship from Chinese universities would not be eligible to apply.
  • The applicant should be a current student enrolled in an eligible program.
  • Students must agree with Chinese laws and obey the rules and regulations on a priority basis.
  • Those applying for the bachelor’s degree program must provide a high school certificate and their age should be under 28.
  • Applicants for postgraduate must provide Bachelor’s degree documents or diplomas.
  • Students for doctoral degree programs must have Master’s degree documents and their age should be under 45.
  • In addition, you must have attested documents from the Ministry of foreign office in your country.
  • For the Chinese language, program students must provide high school certificates and be under 50.

Required Documents:

  1. Highest education degree transcript and certificate.
  2. Original passport photocopy with at least one year of validity.  
  3. Medical Certificate
  4. Master’s and doctoral students need to submit two recommendations letter.
  5. Study plan
  6. Personal statement
  7. Research proposal
  8. English proficiency certificate if you apply for an English-taught major.
  9. Documents must be either in English or Chinese.
  10. Resume
  11. Valid police clearance certificate
  12. Personal Introduction video in English or Chinese within 60 seconds.

To apply for a Chinese provincial Scholarship:

Kindly follow the step-by-step procedure in order to apply for a Chinese Provincial scholarship,

  • The application date to upload the documents starts in December and until May.
  • Firstly, the Applicant needs to submit the online application via the university website.
  • After completing the online application and attaching them in PDF format you also need to send the documents in hard copy to the applied university or you can submit your documents through your friends.
  • Usually, scholarship results are announced in July on the same website where you upload the documents. In case you cannot find your name in the scholarship list then you can contact with admission office via email to confirm.