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International Student’s life in china :

The International student’s life in China is not that much different from the student’s life in other countries, if you are getting admission to a school in china you will probably meet your countrymates and you can create your environment, and if your countrymates are too much in the school then, of course, you will feel like your home, According to my experience, all the international students are too friendly to each other.

What does China look like?

China is a beautiful country with high mountains, sea, and big cities with great infrastructure, but in all of this the mountains of china are extraordinarily beautiful, there are special spots for adventure and hiking in the mountain, one of the great and safe adventures I would suggest you visit china once you reached china is the glass bridge, which is a transparent bridge to walk through the highest mountains, in your vacations, you can visit places like the great wall of china, Shaolin temple, mystical and mountains, Emperor qinshihuang’s mausoleum site museum, forbidden city, and the bund.

Foods In china :

Currently, China is an international city, you will get different countries’ food in China, with Chinese foods you can also get western food easily food like KFC, mac Donald’s, and if you are in the cities have more Pakistani and Indian then you will be able to get the Pakistani and Indian restaurants too, with many options of food available you can also cook you own taste easily every dormitory provides you a kitchen to cook.

travel in china :

Travel between cities and provinces in china :

China provides the cheapest travel systems, you may get shocked by knowing that China provides bullet trains which travel 250 to 350 kilometers per hour around China and which is pretty affordable, but there is another cheapest option to travel between different provinces and cities is the domestic flight, a guide for “You need to first check the flights fair and then the train prices and then choose the best according to your requirements”.

Flights VS train in China :

Flights are 2x faster the trains

Flights are easy to cancel (domestic flights are easy to cancel in China, so make sure to book such flight that is confirmed to fly).

The train never cancels but if you miss the train then you will need to book another “Make sure to reach on time”.

Trains have different types (slow medium and fast)

Make sure to book a sleeping spot if your travel is long.

Travel In the same city:

If you want to travel in the same city you will get a lot of options, you can travel via public bus or you can take the metro towards your destination, But not only this almost in every city you will also get public bikes which you can easily get on the roadside and all you need to do is to scan the code, and once you reach your destination you can park the bike again there, but remember to park the bike on the right spot, also the other options like taxi, didi and public cycles are there.

Study environment:

As your main intention is going to be to study in China, so that case every department of the university provides a library for your smooth study, second if you got stuck in a problem your seniors or someone in your department will be there to help you, if someone in your department can’t help you then your supervisor will probably help you.

Spots and playgrounds:

Physical activities in the basis for better study and better concentration and the China universities understand this too, everyone university will provide you with a gymnasium and many types of playgrounds like basketball playgrounds and football playgrounds indoors and outdoors too also sports like gymnastics, martial arts, Ping-Pong, badminton, swimming, and etc. are easily accessible.

In most of the China universities, you will get a physical education department, and in the first semester of a bachelor’s degree, you may have a class on health and physical education in a week where you can pick any sports to learn in your first semester.

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